MedQIA has extensive experience with successfully transitioning studies that are currently in progress but need help with image standardization and analysis


MedQIA was approached by a CRO to rescue a large Phase III global prostate cancer study that was suffering from poor imaging. Our expert team took the challenge and brought our experience to bear in order to pick up and run with this trial so as not to delay timelines. MedQIA identified the issues that were critical to the success of the trial and immediately put a workflow in place enabled a high throughput of imaging. Using semi-automation to drive the upload of a huge bolus of subject imaging, MedQIA was able to save the study and provide accurate and efficient results for the trial.

MedQIA’s focus on quality medical imaging as well as efficiency and innovative processes are crucial to the success of your study. Whether it is rescuing a study or starting at the beginning, it is imperative that you have the right imaging partner for your oncology trial.


  • Understand the needs of the sponsor as well as the relevant issues
  • Work with the sponsor to develop a transition plan
  • Develop an internal workflow to optimize the success of the trial
  • Use our expertise to guide the study to completion


  • 11867 subject time points received
  • 128 global sites successfully transitioned and trained
  • 16 months from import of first subject scans to completion of study
  • 1 high throughput semi-automated image intake system developed