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Global Imaging CRO services to support your clinical trial (Phases I-IV) on our technology platform. We offer flexibility to easily add modular services based on your trial needs.

Learn about our expertise in Oncology, Lung trial, Innovative, and Post-market trial – as well as our imaging advice and standardization advisory services. Focusing on image quality and process automation reduces trial setup time, read turnaround times, and study close-out times while improving read quality and minimizing adjudication.

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Oncology Trial Expertise

MedQIA has extensive experience and proprietary semi-automated reading tools for all solid-tumor oncology assessment criteria: RECIST, iRECIST, PERCIST, RANO, mRANO, Lugano, Choi, tumor volumetrics, SUVs, PCWG, etc. Our software platform integrates AI support for semi-automated and consistency of reads to minimize adjudication rates and shorten time for data QC and lock.

Offering the flexibility your specific trial needs with our modular services: project management, image management, image analysis, read services, and data management.

Rescue: Rapid and flexible onboarding with a seamless transition to our platform for sites, CRO, and the client. Experienced project teams who focus on communication, standardization and client needs with minimal disruption to stakeholders.

Retrospective: Review of data from early phase or other studies to determine if advanced phase trials are appropriate.

Collect and hold: Early-phase study image collection and cataloging in preparation for a potential read.

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  • MedQIA’s Computer-Aided Volumetric Tumor Assessment
  • The segmentation Algorithm generates a border between the enhancing and non-enhancing regions on all adjacent axial sections.
  • MedQIA’s Technology Platform uses AI technology to guide users through:
  • Image Labeling
    Image QC
    PHI/PII Detection and Removal
    Selection of best image(s) for analysis
    MedQIA’s Technology Platform calculates Oncology Imaging Markers:
  • Enhancing Volume
    Non-enhancing Volume
    Lesion Volume
    Standard Volume
    Advanced Measurements
    Scalable capacity through the technology platform enables global multi-center Phase III trials
  • Fully configurable, highly scalable platform that can be accessed anywhere on any device for scan tracking, adaptive reads, periodic reporting, custom reader notifications
  • MedQIA supports all phases of Clinical Trials & offers early-phase collect and store options for later analysis. Our teams provide continuous feedback & training to support & maintain the highest image reproducibility & quality standards.
  • MedQIA has received CDER biomonitoring inspections by the FDA. No Form 483 inspectional observations were received.
  • Accuracy • Reproducibility • Low Adjudication Rates
  • Sub-specialty image assessment & interpretation through our relationship with university faculty radiologists and other radiology experts.
  • Lesion LDI & SDI (Longest and Shortest Diameters)
    Lesion Volume
    Standardized Uptake Value (SUV)
    Bone Scan Lesion Area (BSLA)
    Bone Scan Index (BSI)

3D illustration of Lungs - Part of Human Organic.

Lung Trial Expertise

Quantitative lung imaging endpoints require three CRO keys for success in a trial:

  1.  expertise in image standardization,
  2. Semi automated image analysis tools,
  3. experienced sub-speciality radiologists.

Benefit from our vast experience in standard as well advanced biomarker design and validation in all phases of drug and device lung imaging trials.

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  • Specialized Image QC to optimize imaging
  • Image acquisition site training for ongoing quality and standardization
  • Standard and advanced analysis
  • Device and drug therapy trials (Pilot, Phase I, II, III, IV)

Experience with advanced biomarkers like Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) measures – Volumetrics, Density, Airway analytics, Fissure Integrity Score® (FIS), Target Lobe Atelectasis Score® (TLAS), Quantitative Lung Fibrosis (QLF), Quantitative Interstitial Lung Disease (QILD) applied in the assessment of interstitial and scleroderma lung disease.

MedQIA Reader Pool

MedQIA readers consist of faculty members within the UCLA Department of Radiology and other UCLA affiliates, with both specialty training and full time academic clinical practice in the modality and disease of the reads they perform.

Fellowship Trained | Board Certified | Licensed Medical Physicians

MedQIA also partners with external vendors for Central Read Services.

Global Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs)

MedQIA works with external readers/KOLs from all over the globe contracted directly by MedQIA and/or Sponsor.

  • Sub-contracted Lung Biopsy Pathology Services
  • Receipt, storage, and digitization of pathology slides
  • Expert pathology analysis

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Innovative Trial Services

Leverage off MedQIA’s experience with complex and ground breaking trial designs by partnering with us. We provide comprehensive services including expertise of our world renowned Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) & Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in areas such as academic clinicians, imaging physicists, data scientists and the support of our highly professional operations team to ensure the success of your innovative trial.

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  • Adaptive randomization platform trials
  • Multi-protocol pooled trials
  • AI-guided workflows enable rapid turnaround times on progression and eligibility confirmation reporting
  • Real-time Consensus Reads
  • COVID-19 hybrid clinical trials
  • Development of new biomarkers – Bone Scan Lesion Assessment (BSLA), automated-PCWG2/PCWG3
  • Advanced fibrosis analysis (Cardiac, Muscle)

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Radiological Services

Your partner for providing radiological services related to image analysis for Client’s post-marketed products. Fully-customizable qualitative and quantitative image analysis services to assist in determination of eligibility for treatment and treatment efficacy.

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  • Business-to-Business Model with Customized Facility Support
  • Customized Reporting with Analytics
  • Real-time Communication & Inquiry Resolution
  • Cloud-based Secure Image Transfer & Analysis
  • Dedicated Image Processing & Support Team
  • Rapid Reporting Turnaround Time

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Imaging Advice and Standardization

Optimize your clinical trial leveraging our team of world-renowned clinical and radiological subject matter experts. We can guide you in preparing and planning your study from design to imaging standardization as well as providing general consulting.

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  • Imaging analysis guidance for study design
  • Imaging acquisition parameters development
  • Imaging overreads
  • General consulting services