About Us


It is our mission to deliver high-quality, innovative, computer-aided image interpretation and analysis for both clinical trials and radiological decision support.

We firmly believe that quality imaging in clinical trials and radiology decision support is critical to the success of the research endeavor. We are guided by this belief and strive for excellence in every aspect of our operation.


MedQIA’s founders are pioneers in the development and use of computer vision technology for quantitative image analysis. This academic background has led to a rigorous scientific approach from a multidisciplinary team with depth of knowledge in imaging physics, computer vision, biostatistics, and subspecialty clinical radiology.

The MedQIA principals established an academic computer vision and imaging core lab in 1996. They began conducting NIH clinical trials in 2000 and founded MedQIA in 2006 as an imaging CRO for industry-based trials.

Verified Vendor

MedQIA is a verified vendor contractor as commissioned by the US Federal Contractor. MedQIA is officially ready to start accepting and bidding on federal contracts. The main purpose of US Federal Contractor Registration is to help MedQIA get contacted by federal purchasing officers.